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Take advantage of my over 45 years of study and practice of architectural design & Feng Shui. I draw from over 10 different Schools or Techniques of Feng Shui I've learned from international masters from around the world. Ready to update your existing home or office, or build a new home? Or maybe just curious about what Feng Shui Alchemy is? I love explaining why the different techniques work and when and how to choose between different methods. I can help you create a "Lucky Home", or help you find your "Sweet Spot" of Luck & Power! You can get better sleep without medications or drugs!

Show Special

Come an visit me at my booth #6 for your show special 35% discount on a Personal Magnetic Energy Reading and Personal chart. Learn about your Feng Shui Personality type. Find your Lucky Power Spot, and improve your sleep!

Free Initial Consultation

We come out to your home or office to view & assess the building or property. We show you examples of the Feng Shui Techniques that would be most appropriate for your property & why, after discussing the possibilities with you. We decide together what will be our next steps. Get ready to have some fun experiencing Feng Shui Alchemy at work. Plan for about 45 minutes for this meeting. You'll learn a lot at this session.

Show Special Consultation Rate

Get $100 off a Full Feng Shui 4 System Analysis. With this special, you will work with color to create an internal elemental balance that harmonizes your inner sanctum of your home. By adding water features to your environment in the specific calculated places, you attract outer world opportunities to bless your life in your home. We add empowerment to your life with your intentions with imagery as well as create healing and focus with your lucky magnetic energy analysis and personal chart.

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